News for the edition 2018

In 2018 we are waiting for the fifth edition of Teatro Okolo Malohontu, which will again has something new compared to the previous edition. The race route will be changed also this time. The organizers decided to revert to the one-track option due to the long-term sustainability of the race. At the same they do not want to reduce the quality of the security and services for the participants. The start and finish in city center of the Rimavská Sobota requires a numerous of volunteers to ensure all cross-roads for each rider safety. With two routes, the time needed to ensure all cross-roads was significantly longer, which is another reasons for returning to one route.

Race route in 2018

The new route will be long 87.6 km with accumulation altitude 1200m and will pass through all the climbs in Malohont which the riders known from previous years. First, second and third mountain premiums are located on clasic climbs Chorepa, Brezina and Poproč. Last fourth mountain premium will be located due to safety reasons in the middle of the last climb, right behind village Lukovištia. Refreshment station will be after new located on the climb Poproč behind third mountain premium at 52km.

Special competitions

Six special competitions with different conditions are prepared to make the race more attractive. Traditional King of the mountain competition, which is part of the race since its inception, not need to be introduce. A team competition will be ready again for the minimum of four-member teams. There will be four new disciplines: heavyweight competition for cyclists over 100kg, historical bicycles competition, competition for Malohont residents and competition of the most experienced that hides the reward for the oldest racer who successfully arrives at the finish. All competitions and rules can be found here.