What is new for 2019 race?

Our goal is on the first place to avoid reducing organization standard and to keep it as high as possible, and if possible, move it a bit higher. So, this year we have also prepared a few news.

The route of the race will be unchanged. The starting fee is also unchanged and remains the best offer of 15,- euros until the end of March. A small change occurred at a fee of 19,- euros, as it is only available  until the end of August. On Thursday week before the races a starting fee ends of 22,- euros. On the day of the race, the amount is unchanged, 25,- euros.

We are grateful to all those who are looking forward to the race and are already registered in advance and let us know that we can count on their participation. Therefore, we would like to thank the first 20 registered cyclists. In addition to the participant’s gift that each racer will receive (we will introduce it later), we will put the Teatro Okolo Malohontu socks in their startup package also. Please note that the registration is complete only after the payment has been made.

On the basis of requests from competitors there will be a choice of lunch between meaty and vegetarian meals. You can choose as usual chicken with rice or new pasta. You can choose the food on the form during the race registration. Competitors who will be registered on the day of the race will no longer have possibility of choose and everyone will receive meaty food.

Participating on road races with a bunch of friends is one of the best things at similar events. Why not to join a team competition? This year, we will pay prize money for the first three teams. The method of classifying of the team competition does not change and at least 4-members groups can participate as a team. So be sure to fill in the correct team name when registering.

See you in the autumn in Rimavská Sobota!