What is new for 2022 race

Registration for the 9th edition of the Teatro Okolo Malohontu has been opened since the beginning of June. The entry fee for payment until the end of August is set at 20,- euros for men and 15,- euros for women. After this date and on the day of the race, the entry fee is 25,- euros for men and 20,- euros for women. We chose the difference in the entry fee due to the long-term low participation of women in our event. We see potential in this direction and therefore we will try to attract more competitors to the start. If we see interest and at least 5 female competitors over the age of 40 are registered, we will also award this age category separately.

Again, we made it possible to pay the entry fee with a payment card, which will significantly facilitate the possibility of payment to competitors from abroad as well as from Slovakia.

The route of the race has remained unchanged in recent years, but the last hill after Padarovce will not be clasiffied as a KOM premium in the KOM competition this year. We will see how this change will affect the development of the race on the first climbs. Therefore, three mountain premiums will be placed on the route: Chorepa pass, Brezina pass and near the village of Poproč. After last premium a buffet with bottles of water, bananas, gels and other goodies will be prepared for all competitors. The traditional staff of the buffet under Marián’s leadership will also wait for the very last cyclist. Their success in serving bottles is close to 100% so no one will be thirsty.

Again, we experienced some road reconstrucions in last year. It was put 2.5 km of a new tarmac between the villages of Vrbovce – Hrachovo and 1 km in the Nižná Pokoradz. Thanks to this section, we can say that the last ascent and following descent to the finish line is on a perfect surface.

Our goal for this year is to maintain the set level of security and move it a bit higher. You can also look forward to more photographers on the race route.