Why to race in Malohont

Maybe you have asked yourself, why to travel to Rimavska Sobota for Teatro Okolo Malohontu? It looks like ordinary race, but answer is not so simple.

Group of cycling enthusiast are working 365 days a year to prepare absolutely perfect race for every competitor. For relatively small starting fee you get everything what all big European amateur races have. Roads are not closed, but very small traffic and perfect ensurances will keep you safe and you can enjoy beautiful countryside of Malohont region. This unknown part of Slovakia is absolutely treasure for every cyclist. Roads are good quality, traffic is small, especially during weekends and there is still what to see. Race route is far from big cities going through climbs and small villages where all competitors are encouraged by local people during their journey.

This race isn’t very big, but you can expect everything what you need. Neutral service cars, refreshment stations on the race course and also in the finish, perfect lunch after the race, shower, pictures of yourself, electronic timekeeping, participant gift and much more.. There isn’t thousands of participants on the start line, but that isn’t negative, you will be in contact with the front of the race very easily. No starting sectors, no big queues. Accommodation is also very cheap, you can find room from 10,- euro per night. This fact together with friendly starting fee which can be paid by card is worth to travel for this race for longer distance.

We are looking forward for your participation in this amazing race for all.