1th SEPTEMBER 2024

Teatro Okolo Malohontu

11th edition of Teatro Okolo Malohontu will be back on 1 September. 70km and 1000m of elevation gain, from Rimavska Sobota on a route that includes the Brezina pass, valley of Alúvium Blhu as well as a mix of climbs, descents and ups and downs that guarantee constant fun.

The most beautiful race is in the autumn.


69,5km – prevýšenie 1000m


Online registration for the race Teatro Okolo Malohontu will be running from 1st of June till 30th of August 2024. Registration will not be possible on the race day. Limit is set on 150 participants. Payment instruction will be send on your email after registration – payment is possible only by bank transfer. Registration is completed only after payment of entry fee. In case rider will not participate on the event entry fee is not refundable neither transferred to the next year. The only way how to enter the race is via the button below, so don’t hesitate and sign up for an unforgettable cycling adventure in the beautiful surroundings of the Malohont region.


  • until 31th of July 2024
  • 25
  • until 25th of August 2024
  • 30
  • after 26th of August 2024
  • 40


  • Real racing atmosphere

  • BIB numbers

  • First AID

  • Electronical time keeping

  • Neutral service vehicle and broom wagon

  • Picture service

  • Online results

  • Lunch after the race

  • Ensuring of the route with police, moto-marshal and organizers


1 SEPTEMBER 2024, 10:00 Hlavné námestie, Rimavská Sobota

Organizer a contact

Race director: Ing. Marek Urbančok

Technical director: Maroš Ternák

Registration coordinator: Ing. Michaela Machavová

Honorary director: Jozef Juhaniak

Organization: OZ Okolo Malohontu

Tel.: +421 917 270 007


Entry fee

The amount of the starting fee depends on the date of crediting to the organizer’s account and has three levels:

  • payment until 31 July 2024: 25€
  • payment until 25 August 2024: 30€
  • payment after 26 August 2024: 40€

Payment of the starting fee is possible by bank transfer only. Payment instruction will be send on your email after registration. Registration is completed only after payment of entry fee. In case rider will not participate on the event entry fee is not refundable neither transferred to the next year.

Timetable of the race day

08:00 – start of registration of riders, distribution of bib numbers
09:30 – end of registration of riders
10:00 – Start of the race Teatro Okolo Malohontu
11:45 – Finish – expected arrival of first riders
12:00 – start of lunch distribution
14:00 – winners ceremony Teatro Okolo Malohontu
15:00 – end of lunch distribution

Race office - distribution of BIB numbers

– 1th September 2024, 8:00 – 09:30 Čierny Orol, Main square Rimavská Sobota
– please prepare a refundable deposit of €20 for the chip, returning the chips will be possible at the presentation location after finish
– it is necessary to proven identity and date of birth with some identity document with picture (ID card, national cycling union license, driving license …)

Main competition categories

– up to 34 years ( -1990)
– 35-49 years (1989-1975)
– 50-59 years (1974-1965)
– 60- more years (1964- )

– 18- more years (2006- )

Competitors younger than 18 years must have parental consent!!!

Special competitions

Teams competition

– teams competition is for 4 and more member teams, you are automatically part of the competition if you have enough registered members of the team
– all team members must fill absolutely the same team name and check „Teams“ opinion in team competition in the registration form
– in the finish will be time of the first four riders from the same team count up, time is rounded in seconds
– team with the smallest time win, in case of the same time decides place of the fourth rider in the finish

Heavyweight competition

– competition Heavyweight is for participants regardless of age over or equal 100,00kg of body weight at the day of the race
– you are NOT automatically assigned to the competition, you have to sign up during registration
– competitors will be checked with personal weight during presentation on the race day, in case of conditions failure racer will only be classified within his age category

Prizes for winners

– absolute winner wins Challenge Trophy
– first three in each age category wins ceramic trophy and 1kg of honey from BeeLaboratory
– first three teams in Teams competition wins diploma and bottle of sparkling wine
– first three in Heavyweight competition wins diploma

Support vehicles

– only support cars of organizers will be allowed in the race convoy
– support car of competitors are not allowed in race convoy due to safety reason
– there is going to be:

  • marked neutral mechanical vehicle that can store spare wheels by number of athlete, also with spare inner tube and large pump behind the firs main group of competitors
  • broom wagon behind last competitor
  • vehicle with medical support
  • vehicles and motorcycles ensuring the safety of competitors

Rules and terms

– each rider and any person taking part in the race makes so at his/her own risk and is fully liable for any claims or damages caused by him/her
– the organizer is not liable for damage caused to competitors or support, nor caused by them
– riders and support vehicles must respect the Traffic rules, instructions of the police and the organizers, the roads will not be fully closed for traffic, crossings will be provided by organizers and the police
– protection helmet is required for each competitors during whole race
– competitors can attend the race only on road bikes powered only by human effort without support motors
– it is forbidden to throw away waste along the course, except Buffet, under penalty of disqualification!
– crossroads on the race route will be ensured by police from passage of the first racer to arrival of the last racer, but no more than 30 minutes from the passage of the first racer, we calls for adherence to safety and keeping traffic rules for riders riding more than 10 minutes behind the front of the race
– organizer reserves the right to make any changes to this propositions

Refreshment and lunch

– water and coke will be available at the finish line of the race
– in case of very hot weather, a refreshment point with water will be added in the village of Hrušovo
– after the race there is prepared tasty lunch for every competitor in restaurant Čierny orol, lunch ticket will be in the starting pack



Start – Hlavné námestie


Registration/Lunch – Čierny orol


Parking A – ul. Jánošíkova


Parking B  – Hlavné námestie